The Ultimate Boat & Breakfast


houseboat garden

This 54’ custom pontoon houseboat provides comfort and spacious room for your relaxation and enjoyment. It is equipped with safety gear such as life jackets and VHF radio to keep in contact with the Coast Guard, and all the extras you need to make your cruise a memorable experience.

The three entertainment systems on board will allow you to create a romantic mood, dance the night away, or sit on the edge of your seat cheering for your favorite team. The main entertainment system is full surround sound with Blu-Ray DVD player, VCR, DIRECTV, and tape deck.

The system up top provides music while eating, dancing, or just relaxing in the hot tub. The aft system lets you snuggle up to romantic tunes or fall asleep with quiet music. Wi-Fi internet is also available onboard.

houseboat galley
houseboat kitchen

A full kitchen and galley provides a wonderful setting for all of your meals. Delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a Northwest flair can be prepared for you, or you can cook your own meals in the kitchen or outside using the large BBQ grill. The houseboat has four refrigerators, one of them with space for up to 54 bottles of wine!

After a relaxing soak in the hot tub, a dip in the water may be just the thing. You can go down the slide at the back of the boat, or jump from the gangplank at the front. Ladders facilitate easy access back onto the boat.

The versatility of this vessel will allow you to create your ultimate cruising trip in the Pacific Northwest!

guest relaxing at back of boat